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Olena Wellness is a family-run health center that provides a real alternative in health care.  We specialize in you, not your diagnosis.  Each patient receives personal, thorough attention.  Our passion is to work with nature's laws to achieve real healing, not to suppress symptoms while the body is further weakened by toxic medications and artificial food-like substances.  We truly believe in and work with the ability to heal that God built into our bodies and the natural foods and herbs He provides.  The results bring us great joy and satisfaction as the quality of peoples' lives is improved. 

Dr. Brian Smith and Dr. Gaie Feuerstein use a wide variety of methods to bring about physical and mental wellness. Over the years they have gained clinical experience with multiple techniques to address their patients' individual needs and provide them with the type of therapy that will be most effective in bringing about overall healing.  Please click on  "Olena Therapies" to see a full description of the major therapies available at Olena Wellness Center.

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7856 West Side Park Drive Suite H, Mobile, AL 36695

Tel: 251-300-1335 (text or call)

Mondays & Fridays 9am - 1pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 5:30pm




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