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This case is a good example of holistic treatment – you get good results that you weren’t even thinking about!


A retired female teacher originally came for relief from pain in her right upper abdomen, and neck and shoulder pain.  Her right foot hurt off and on, interfering with exercise walking.  She felt like she was getting old a little too fast!  She was on medicine for high blood pressure and for GERD (heartburn), and felt stiff in the mornings.  She also was gaining weight around the middle and had low energy.  She had a history of C-Sections and a hysterectomy.


 She was checked and treated for old injuries (as all patients are) and then was taken off of bad fats, especially her non-dairy flavored creamer in her coffee.  She was also found to be sensitive to lactose and sugar – she thought that little dish of ice cream every night wouldn’t hurt anything because it wasn’t many calories but as soon as she quit her well-being improved.  She was able to switch to organic stevia-sweetened chocolate for a small nighttime treat, or a piece of quality, aged cheese; these satisfied that nighttime craving.  The pain in her right abdomen went away.


She was treated with clay therapy (TCT) for the C-sections and put on digestive herbs and enzymes.  She also received a few couple of chiropractic adjustments.  Her stiffness and pains improved significantly.  She was checked every few weeks and supplements were adjusted until she was able to go off her GERD medicine without heartburn or silent reflux (which must be checked by your doctor to detect) and she HAD to go off her blood pressure medicine because her blood pressure normalized and the medicine made it too low!  It is very important to get off of GERD medication if possible because it blocks absorption of vital nutrients, especially calcium, fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and K, and protein.  These are all important for bone building.  Of course you can’t just go off the medication and put up with heartburn – this is dangerous and can lead to a bleeding esophagus, potentially cancerous, or even fatal.  She lost about 25 lbs without dieting (but with a healthier diet) and became able to jog 3x week. All this took about two years.

During this time it was discovered she had some other health issues, namely chronic sinusitis.  For this she was put on oregano oil.  Chronic sinusitis and GERD are frequently associated with infected teeth and she did have a history of abcessed teeth and root canals. 


Overall, the patient’s health improved wonderfully, she had lost weight, felt good enough to jog,, her blood pressure was great, she had no pain and had good energy.


One day this patient brought in the test shown above and jubilantly announced that her osteoporosis was gone!  She had improved an unprecedented 8% in 4 years and was now normal.  The doctor’s note said, “continue as doing, Improved.”


The patient had never mentioned that she had osteoporosis, and I had not treated her for it.  HOWEVER, her digestion had been corrected, her diet improved and her chronic dental infection compensated for (infection steals calcium) and this alone had allowed her body to heal osteoporosis!  Now she will not have to fear spontaneous fracture of the hip, or the side-effects of Fosomax – broken jawbone. 


Health works as a unit, everything affects everything else.  One small degree of change yields big benefits!

I suffer from chronic fatigue, insomnia and restless sleep, severe food allergies, overeating, and insatiable sugar/carb cravings that not only make me physically sick but even become a financial burden.


With the help of Dr. Gaie and Dr. Brian, I feel about 90% healed, and I am reminded every day when I wake up feeling rested and clear. My chronic fatigue is so negligible I often forget I suffer from it (it never used to leave my side, like that 'friend' you can't get rid of, and never invited along in the first place). I fall asleep much quicker than ever before in my life--because I've cleaned so many toxins out of my system--and I sleep soundly. I learned to manage my sugar cravings. I used to know I was full but not have the self-control to stop from eating more, and more, and more. Now I feel full, and I don't have a desire to eat anymore once I reach that point. My brain and my body seem to be communicating with each other again. I don't think they liked one another before.

And I never would have guessed I could heal while eating as much butter as I want (have you ever blended butter with coffee? It's amazing!). My body learned to appreciate the foods that are good for me once I started getting the junk out. From amino acids to reprogram a faulty brain, to physical chiropractic work to realign my body, to foods that heal and taste good, I never thought I could make this much progress in my personal health, until Gaie and Brian showed me that I could. Without their guidance I don't know where I would be--probably still defeatedly stuffing my face and feeling sorry for myself. Not only am I physically healthier than I've ever been, I am mentally clear and doing the best work of my life.

Love,  Marlon

I started a journey in my life to become healthier and after losing 60lbs I still felt foggy so my next journey was to rid myself of chemicals and prescription drugs. Although the I'm not there 100% I am pretty close I stopped taking all 6 of my prescriptions (anxiety,ADHD,blood pressure,cholesterol and bladder) and I feel fantastic now everything feels better my brain fog is gone and I have a huge list of things that are better now but thanks to the Young Living Essential Oils (Brain Power, Vevitar and Lavender) I was able to do all this symptom free which was fantastic. I have tried several times to just stop 1 pill with horrible results. I was very skeptic with this and was not a believer at all but Mary helped me through this process and it was great! So great that I also took my child off her ADHD meds and so far so good she is sitting through class and even focused at home! The fact that we are both more focused, calmer and motivated we get along much much better! I love the Young Living Oils and don't every leave home without them! Even my child (who hated the smell at first) asked for her oils when she wakes because she feels the difference and to me that's a big deal coming from a 9 year old that use to couldn't sit still for 2 min or remember a list of 3 things to do like pick up the paper, throw it in the trash and go but the dirty clothes up. Now it is 200% better and still seeing results everyday ! I am very thanks God led me to The Olena Welness Center. It really was a life changing experience !   

After more than 10 years of being on Prilosec for severe stomach pain ever since age 15, I have finally been able to get off of it within a few weeks of starting treatment at Olena Wellness. I have also recovered from being chronically tired and having back pain. It's great to feel good again.

I am a combat Veteran and have had violent nightmares every night for years. My wife would have to wake me up in the middle of a nightmare and quickly jump away from me to avoid getting hurt until I was fully awake.  Since taking the first dose of the herb you recommended (Mucuna Supreme) I never had another nightmare.  At first my sleep was still restless but it has continued to improve.  This has been such a blessing to me and my whole family. I have told many other Veterans and my psychologist about the help I have received.

I had a heart attack in my mid-forties and the doctors couldn't understand it because I had no risk factors.  The pain had slowly built up like a crushing feeling in my chest.  When it started to happen again, Dr. gave identified a tooth dying from infection that was affecting my heart.  My dentist pulled the tooth, the heart pain went away and I haven't had any trouble since then.

"After a week carb free and a raindrop massage, NO HEADACHE!  With no sugar, oregano and garlic supplements and parsley tea the UTI/bladder issue is better..  That parsley tea gets the job done.  And I went for an eye exam and the prescription for my glasses is now half the strength it was.  Thank you for all your help."

"Since my spouse started 10 days ago on Dr. Brian's recommended diet, (including my world famous Organic Homemade Chicken Soup!) she has lost 14 pounds!  And she has cut back on both her insulin meds!"

Fertility Story:

My wife and I had been trying to become pregnant for a long time, four years to be exact and had not been successful.  Alongside of this, for the longest time I had been showing signs of a low immune system.  I would regularly get so far under the weather that I would need to stay home from work.  We didn't think much of this at first but started paying more attention when I had to stay home at least every couple of weeks.  So we reached out to a family friend and she pointed us to Olena Wellness Center.  We weren't sure what to think at first but decided to try it out anyways.  We had tried so many other "solutions" to no avail, so at this point we were feeling kind of desperate.  When we made this decision to try Olena, we would have never thought that not being able to get pregnant and my feeling under the weather were in some way related.  However, after going to Olena for 3 months not only did my liver respond very well, which resulted in no more sickness, but we also found out within 2 months of my liver's initial response that we were pregnant! We are  very grateful for our dear family friend who pointed us to Olena Wellness Center and for the opportunity to meet Dr. Gaie with the outcome of a changed life and the addition to our growing family.

Severe Reflux For Many Years:

"Dr Gaie! For the first time in as long as I can remember, I had NO acid reflux last in ZERO!!!!  That is just huge! I was in a hotel, on the road, with only a couple of pillows to prop up.  I think you have found the combo that's helping me. I love how these new supplements make me feel! Praise the Lord!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Praying I make wise decisions all week (food choices) and continue to feel well."

A patient who was on medication for GERD, high cholesterol and high blood pressure was treated for a couple of years.  She was able to get completely off of her medication, lost weight and felt great.  If that wasn't enough improvement, She brought in her recent bone density results and they had gone from osteoporosis to completely normal - an 8% improvement in four years!!!  Her doctor said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it."

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