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Joy Nyeste

Joy Nyeste has worked as Nutritional Therapist at Olena Wellness Center since November 2014. Joy received her nursing degree (BSN) from Auburn University in 1988. Her nursing experience consists of having worked in a children’s hospital with oncology and surgical patients, in NICU, PICU, and adult oncology. She later married and had a family, all the while enjoying raising her 2 children and homeschooling them throughout their school years. During those years she became very interested in nutrition and natural healing, going from a pop-tart mom to actively pursuing healthy habits.  She is a serving soul who is passionate about helping people feel their best through healthy foods, food based supplements and lifestyle improvements.

During her time at Olena Wellness, She has been trained in a range of holistic modalities to add to her allopathic nursing experience.  Such treatments would include IRT, LER, ANA, and Applied Kinesiology.  She has furthered her knowledge attending various seminars, her favorite being Blood Chemistry.  Joy eagerly broadens her knowledge and experience and is currently studying to be a Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition.  Her clinical nursing experience combined with holistic natural approaches make her an asset to the Olena office.

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