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Water Filtration Options 

DIY 5 Gallon Berkey Water Filter 


2  Food Grade BPA Free 5 Gallon Buckets with lids ($10 each) 


1  Stainless Steel Spigot $10 



2 Berkey Black Filters (Filters 6,000 gallons) 

2 Berkey Fluoride/Arsenic Filters (Filters 1,000 gallons)  




Total Cost $210 






Compare to The Berkey Stainless Steel Imperial System (4.5 gallons) $418 








In House Dispenser 


1) Tera Pump $20 




1) 5 gallon water bottle  $24 



Total Cost  $44 




Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Refill Stations ($.35/gallon) ***

Pros: The cheapest option of all the water filtration options 

Cons: 5 Gallon water bottles are very very heavy (41.7lbs)  

There are smaller water bottles options 2lb, 3lb, 5lb (water weighs 8.34lbs per gallon) 



Under Sink Mount Reverse Osmosis System***

Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – 5 Stage RO Water Purifier with Faucet and Tank – Under Sink Water Filter – plus 4 Replacement Filters – 50 GPD 

(I have personally never used this option - Mary)




Water Delivery: Culligan ***

This is what I currently use but it isn't the cheapest choice but it is the most convenient.  We have Reverse Osmosis water delivered every other week.  For a family of 5 I recommend keeping 5 5gal containers on hand.  On delivery day we place the empty used containers on the porch and they replace them.  They only charge you for the containers they replace. Some weeks we might use 15 gallons and some weeks we use all 25 gallons. Currently it is $6.50 per 5 gallon container.  Delivery Charge is approximately $1.50 and we rent the heated and cooled water dispenser for $7 a month.  The kids will drink a lot more water with the cooled water dispenser. It definitely increased their water intake.  I also love the hot water dispenser (has a safety valve) for instant hot water for a cup of herbal tea🙂 We average $60-65 a month for this water delivery service 

***The Reverse Osmosis process of purifying water removes all chemicals from the water but it also removes vital minerals from the water as well.  Replenish minerals by taking a multi-mineral, eating a nutritious diet and consider adding our PH Minerals to your water daily.

Shower Filters

Shower filters can be bought at any local home improvement store.

Sprite SL2-CM Universal Slim-Line2 Shower Filter, Chrome


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