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Olena Wellness

Treatment Price Guide


Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in achieving optimal health. Please review our pricing schedule. There is a column indicating estimated time commitment for appointments and their prospective cost. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please call the office and speak with one of our team members.

Services                                                                    Time                               Fee  


Intake Appointment for New Patients w/zyto (Dr.Gaie or Dr. Brian)               

For first time patients desiring overall health improvement, Olena Wellness uses Zyto scans and examinations conducted with the guidance of either Dr. Gaie or Dr. Brian. Plan to spend a minimum of 90 minutes at the office for the intake session.

                                                                                 1.5hrs                             $170 


After your initial consultation, you will need to follow-up with one of our practitioners in order for Olena to monitor your progress and treatment efficacy. Assessment requirements vary by patient, as each patient’s conditions are unique to their lifestyle, experience, compliance, etc.


         Dr.Gaie/Dr. Brian                                             15min                             $  30                         

                                                                                 30min                              $  60

                                                                                 45min                              $  90

                                                                                 1hr                                   $120

                                                                                 1.25hrs                            $150


New Patient Babies Appointment 5 and under


         Nursing Babies (Mom is seen at normal NP rate (1.5hrs $170) and Baby will be included in appt          For nursing babies, their mothers are examined at the normal rate, and the nursing child is included at no extra charge. If the child’s health problem is contingent on structural issues, or issues outside of the mother’s diet, the child will be assessed as a separate patient.                             

         Babies not nursing                                          1hr                                  $ 120

Genetic Testing Consultations:

        23&me ancestory test needed  ($100 if kit bought at Olena)

        Interpretation Report     $45

        Genetic Consultation & Nutritional Testing      1hr                                   $120* 

*This is an estimate. You will be billed according to actual time required to consult, whether less or greater than the estimated hour


Appointment(s) with trained staff members: Joy & Mary                                                                                  


ANA                 Adult                                                      30min                        $    30

                                                                                         1hr                          $    60

                        Child/Babies                                                                 Adult rate + discount


                        Add  Zyto to ANA                                                                     $    20

Targeted Clay Therapy                                                    2 hrs                         $   90

Child TCT (0-12yrs)                                                        1-2 hrs                       $   75 (discount included)


LER                                                                                Single                         $   35

LER (Desensitization w/offender)                                  Double                        $   50            


Massage                                                                          1hr                            $   70

                                                                                       1.5hrs                         $ 110

Lymph Massage                                                              30min                        $   35

                                                                                         50min                       $   70

Reflexology (Special current price)                                  30min                       $   25

Raindrop                                                                           1hr                           $   95

                                                                                         1.5hrs                       $ 125


Zyto Scan                                                              Downline/Patient                 $   20

Or  Symptom Survey                                                NonPatients                     $   35


All discounts are applied to exclusively services and can not be combined:

Senior Discount (65 or older) 15%

Children (0-12yrs) 15%

Pastor Discount 15%

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