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Why Whole Food Supplements Are The Best For Your Body


Synthethic Man Made Supplements Can Be Harmful

Look At The Difference Between Nature &

The Man Made Counterpart 

sythetic vs natural.jpg

There Are More Nutrients In A Carrot Than Just Beta Carotene.

God knows best!

We need EVERYTHING found in a carrot not just beta carotene.


Why Do I Need Supplements If I Eat A Healthy Diet?

1) You have a lot of catching up to do from eating the Sad American Diet your whole life

2) Because of most peoples diets they have nutritional deficiencies

3)Picky eaters! Do you eat beets, liver, greens? 

4) You need to eat tissue to heal tissue. Do you eat liver, adrenal glands, spleen? Standard Process has all of those amazing granular nutrient dense foods in a pill so you don't have to eat them like your ancestors. They ate the whole animal - left nothing to waste!

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