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Healing  Bone  Broth

6qt pot

Organic Whole chicken cut up (with giblets but not liver)


Organic Beef soup bones and beef stew meat

2 Tbl Himalyan Salt

2Tbl ACV

2 Bay Leaves

Stick of Ginger

1 Onion

Celery Leaves

2 Carrots


Cover with water!

Simmer slowly for about an hour (can put in crock pot and cook on low for 6hrs.)

Skim the skum off the top

Make soup or Take meat out and pour broth in a mason jar.

Try to eat 1 cup per meal.


You can get another batch of broth out of the same chicken by throwing just the bones back in the pot and making another recipe.  The bones will disintegrate so you will have to strain the final broth.

   Bone Broth

         does the body GOOD!

Phase 1 Purification

Phase 2 Purification

I always add a bag of frozen green limas. And they have a bag of frozen mixed veggies too.

After Purification

Moroccan Lentil Soup Olena Cookbook 1

Spinach Vegetable Soup SPCookbook pg. 108

Vegetable Soup  SPCookbook pg. 49

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