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Pizza : Fast Easy & Can Make Ahead

This recipe is for those that are simply trying to make a healthier fast meal from home. And for those that can have wheat. Always buy organic wheat. And never buy enriched versions which contain synthetic vitamins. 

I used to make a bread machine pizza dough, but our local co-op leader gave me this recipe and it’s so easy I switched over and never looked back at that bread machine for pizza. It’s so easy I usually just make it all at once but it does still take about an hour. So today I decided to try making the dough this morning (mixing and letting it rise while I got dressed for work). When it was done rising I put it in the fridge. To my delight while I sat at a soccer game tonight my daughter was able to pull out the refrigerated dough, top it and bake it off. Turned out perfect!!! 

Great fast easy meal for those family nights of sports!

We buy the flour and mozzarella cheese from the Azure coop. We get the organic tomato paste from Costco and the Boars Head pepperoni from Publix. 


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