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Valentine Day Chicken Salad ❤️

Ok y’all will soon know I’m on a beet kick and head over heels loving beets right now😜 

Dr Brian had made me a beautiful pink chicken salad one time and it was when I was new to all this health food. It was delicious and I could barely tell there was an added new vegetable in it. 

Will now that I’m on this beet kick, I decided to make it my self. I took my favorite chicken salad recipe (make sure it’s made with healthy mayo...I use our homemade mayo recipe) and add shredded beets to it.  I used the precooked organic beets from Costco. 

Isn’t this the perfect recipe for Valentines Day coming up. If you purée the beets you might even be able to pass it off as a special lunch to the little ones. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day next week! 

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