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Meal Prep Momma

For all those Moms just trying to feed your family better, here is a Meal Prep Tip! 

If you have been to Olena Wellness, you know the importance of eliminating bad fats! ( ) The hardest challenge of that task is not eating out on those busy nights. Here are a few fast meal ideas to make on those nights you want to just pick up Chick-fil-A and go home and crash. 

Meal Prep:

Throw a few chicken breast or even a whole chicken in the crock pot/instant pot for a batch of shredded chicken. 

We use this shredded chicken for:

Chicken Quesdillas

Chicken Nachos

Chicken Enchiladas 

Chicken Parm Sliders 

Roasted potatoes, topped with shredded chicken, bacon and cheese

We found these flour tortillas at Costco. Organic and no bad fats!!!! Win Win for those seeking a healthier option for family classics. 

Chicken parm sliders: Just mix shredded chicken with marinara sauce. Place on a healthy bun option and top with mozzarella.

Because us Mommas usually eat even healthier than these meal ideas, I keep this shredded chicken on hand to make a wrap, chicken salad, add to salad, or to mix in any roasted or stir fried veggie medley I’m craving. 

Good luck, we will all have those nights. Some nights we will rise to the occasion and conquer a healthier meal and some nights we will succumb to Chick-fil-A but any night spent around the table with family is one to thankful for:)  

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