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Oh, Beets, Glorious Beets! The Top Dog of all Superfoods! Look at these colors! Having a lunch like this just brightens every ounce of me! 

Blessings have been rained down on us in the way of convenience! Ready to use cooked organic beets! Thank you Costco🙌🏼

So after being introduced to these last week, I’m still craving them. So I picked up a pack and decided to be brave and make up a last minute recipe. I love chopped salads and broccoli slaw is always my go too. So I grabbed a bag and some parsley. At home I had leftover veggies from the last meal I made. So here is what I threw together. 

Beets- grated

Broccoli slaw 

Leftover carrot chips - chopped

Leftover red onion - diced small


So what to do for the dressing. Well I know from making Beet Kvass, Beets and Lime go great together so I winged it with:

Beet Juice from packet

Lime Juice

Avocado Oil


Salt and pepper

Can’t wait to eat this tomorrow for lunch!!!!

Goes to show, you don’t always need a recipe. Just buy what you are craving and come up with something creative!!!


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