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Roasted Vegetables: The Best Food Prep

The best food prep step I do every week is roasting 2 large pans of vegetables. These vegetables are a stable in my diet. I always have veggies precooked to pair with a animal protein for dinner & lunch or add to a frittata for breakfast. I was blessed with a wonderful Grandmother who passed on a not so common love of cold leftovers. So I often eat them cold as a snack 😉I know that's a little weird. But it's oh so good:) 

You can mix up the Seasonings each week. As I add to my variations, I'll post those as well. Right now I love this seasoning mix I get from a local restaurant. Braggs Herb seasoning is one of my other favorites.  I also have found that a sprinkling of pecorino cheese adds so much flavor to the veggies. Pecorino is a sheeps milk cheese. If you aren't casien sensitive you should try it. It's packs a lot of flavor in a small amount. And of course Himalayan Salt! 


Wash all veggies and chop into bite size pieces. Toss with avocado oil or coconut oil. Add Seasonings and toss again. Place on a parchment lined sheet pan and bake at 425 for 20-30min. I toss every so often. 10 min before it's done top with pecorino cheese. 

Here are a few of my favorite veggies to roast:

Root Veggies:


Sweet Potatoes

Turnip roots





I'm going to try celeriac next time!

Big Volume For Your Buck:


Red or Green Cabbage 

Butternut Squash



Bok Choy

Other Inexpensive Favorites:

Green Beans

Okra (love)


Medium Priced Veggies:



Brussels Sprouts

Bell pepper



Chopped Onion (My favorite)Garlic cloves Peppers Expensive Splurges: Asparagus (love and worth every penny)

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