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Healthifing Recipes

If your family is like my family, Sometimes our biggest struggle isn't changing our personal diets but changing our family's diet. One of the easiest ways to do this is "Healthifing" your traditional family recipes. Sometimes it's hard to get kids to transition to eating a variety of veggies but while we encourage that change we can eliminate chemicals and upgrade to organic ingredients. 

Take any recipe and evaluate the ingredients. Upgrade those ingredients to organic (eliminating glyspohate and other chemicals) and replacing bad fats with good fats. Those two swaps can totally transform your family's health.   Many Small Changes are Lasting Changes. This is the first step you can take as you transform your families eating habits.  

So go pull out that family cookbook and bake up some of your family favorites Healthified Style. I but they don't even notice!

#Healthify #Breakfast

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