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Salad Tips:

*Always make your own salad dressing! Im not sure of one salad dressing on the market that does not contain BAD FATS! (Bragg's do make a few salad dressings that in the past have had good ingredients. If you are new or absolutely have to buy a store salad dressing-check out theirs.

Basic Salad Dressing Recipe:

1/4 c of acid (any vinegar or citrus juice)

1/2c of a healthy fat (olive oil, avocado oil)

Seasonings to taste


To make a salad dressing creamy:

During Purification you can add:

P1:  1 Tbl of Tahani

P2: Use thin homemade mayo recipe as a base to make ranch or any creamy salad dressing (see video under   sauces/condiments page)

After Purification you can add:

1 Tbl of sour cream

Phase 2 Purification

Phase 1 Purification

After Purification

Some of the ingredients that come on salads that would be introduced after purification are:


Dairy based salad dressings


If you omit the feta cheese, this salad can be eaten during P1 & P2 of Purification!

You can add cooked Quinoa too!

Omit Feta and It is Phase 2 Purification

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