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Meal Workshops

Olena Wellness Center offers meal prep workshops to those patients trying to eat better and consume for more nutrient dense vegetables in their meals.

We have designed the meals to coordinate with our 21-day Purification Program.  However Anyone can participate not just Purification Participants.

We offer two different meal workshops


Freezer Meal Workshop       

Designed to make dinners easier during the Purifiation Cleanse.


Salad & Smoothie Workshop     

Walk away with 7 mason jar salads and 7 quart freezer smothies

5 day Reset Workshop

5 smoothies

5 salads

1 Soup

1 Stir-fry


Dinner Workshop Menu


2 Roasted Root Vegetables

(4 servings)

Grain-Free Veggies Meatloaf

(4 servings)

Taco Soup (6 servings)

2 Stir Fry Vegetables (4 servings)

Chicken Fajitas (4 servings)

Roasted Cauliflower & brussels Sprouts (2 servings)



Items needed for the meal workshops!


Large Cutting Board

Large Bowl


Vegetable Peeler

Cooler to take home meals



7 guart mason jars with canning lids (for salald workshop only

Call or text Olena Wellness at 251-300-1335

for the next Meal Prep Event!

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