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What do your symptoms

SAY about YOU?

Nutritional Symptom Survey


This Symptom Survey is designed to assist you in communicating your health concerns and issues and to identify things that you may not think matter but help complete the overall picture of your health. The tool will assist with identifying which body systems are in need of support. The Symptom Survey is a computerized symptom evaluation system designed by leading edge nutritional experts. It produces an in-depth evaluation of a patient's health by analyzing responses to a detailed symptom questionnaire.


Have you ever asked any of these kinds of questions?

  • · "What is wrong with me? Nobody seems to know..."

  • · "Why does my health seem to be going downhill?"

  • · "I know I have a problem, but what is causing it?"

  • · "Which lifestyle or nutrition changes should I be making - and why?"

By combining western medicines diagnostic techniques, with the best of natural therapies, The Symptom Survey is effective in addressing most health issues, whether short or long term.

Although a doctor and laboratory work may be essential to confirm a diagnosis, The Symptom Survey does offer certain advantages:

The Symptom Survey Analysis will benefit anyone who:

  • · 'Feels' there are things wrong but can't identify their nature or causes

  • · Seeks to benefit from the combined knowledge of more than one professional

  • · Seeks advice on which supplements they need most, removing the guess work and saving money

  • · Would like to find out what organ or glandular system(s) is/are not functioning properly

  • · Is deciding whether or not to see a doctor

  • · Is not easily able to visit a natural doctor

  • · Would like a second opinion

  • · Would like to prepare questions for their doctor in advance of a visit

To use The Symptom Survey, simply fill in the questionnaire below and a symptom survey will be emailed to you. Click the link in your emailand complete the symptom survey. Your survey report will be viewed within 2 business days after it has been reviewed in the context of your medical history and the notes you entered into the questionnaire. There is a $20.00 fee for reviewing and sending you either a printed or e-mailed copy of your report.

It is important to note that The Symptom Survey is looking at the entire natural health spectrum rather than for one specific ailment.

Once you have viewed your results, you have the option of talking with one of our doctors or clinical nutritionists for an additional consultation fee. Consultations are available both over the phone and in our office. Nutritional deficiencies can be corrected with food concentrates.

 Do not forget to tell your friends and family about this valuable resource.





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