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Mary Duff

(Office Manager & Nutritional Therapist)

A Mobile area native, Olena Wellness Center Office Manager Mary Duff is a wife and mother of three children. Passionately committed to help suffering people find healing.  Mary understands the compound complication of chronic illness.  Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Severe Migraines as a teenager, Mary qualified for full time disability for many years. She suffered immensely before finding her way to Olena Wellness Center as an adult. Under the care of Dr. Gaie Feuerstein and Dr. Brian Smith, Mary's health was recovered. Today, and for over 5 years, Mary is symptom and prescription free.  Mary's personal experience and path to restored health taught her that no single approach can effectively treat every individual.  In pursuit of facilitating restoration of health to as many people as possible, Mary sought clinical education with Olena Wellness Center, as well as earned certification and training in a range of modalities, including Applied Nutritional Analysis, LEB, TBB, and LER (Life Energy Restoration). A student at the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health, Mary will soon be a certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition.

Mary's vast experience coupled with her formal and hands-on training equips Mary to work with Olena patients individually, customizing health strategies and plans of actions to meet patient's personal health goals. To read more about Mary's personal health journey, please read her story, "Fibro to Fabulous"

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