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This is the first treatment that every patient is screened for because IRT corrects brain function that has been altered by injuries and scars.  If you have had injuries such as significant sprains, fractures, blows to the head or face (with or without concussion), falls on the tailbone, auto accidents, or have had any surgery or episiotomy, epidural or C-Section, or sometimes even minor injuries such as tattoos, piercings or injuries to fingers or toes, these events frequently alter brain function.  The brain is like our master computer and these injuries are similar to computer viruses – they slow down and alter our ability to function.  With a computer the speed slows dramatically.  With your brain, your mood, attention, balance, coordination and flexibility as well as speed of healing are altered.  It doesn’t matter if the injuries are decades old, the alteration in brain function persists until the injury is corrected.


What is the treatment like?  Some patients need very little and some need a lot!  Most patients’ IRT is completed on their first visit.  Your Health Counselor treats the basic injuries during the first part of your first visit and the doctor explores and treats more complex injuries if they are present.  The treatment itself involves holding, rubbing or stimulating the injured areas with cold laser, followed by quick, gentle motions to the feet or head.  That’s it!  If many injuries are treated you may experience slight alterations in how you feel for up to 72 hours.  Most patients feel relaxed, sometimes energized, or sometimes they want to take a nap!  Occasionally odd symptoms will appear briefly as the brain “reboots” itself after treatment.  Patients have occasionally reported a brief episode (such as 20 minutes) of an old, familiar pain which then disappears, or a feeling of heat or cold in a specific area of the body as the brain readjusts circulation.


IRT rarely has to be repeated, just as a specific computer virus doesn’t have to be removed from your computer more than once.   One exception is scars which may need additional treatment (see Clay Therapy).  Once you have had IRT treatment you can expect that pain resolves much more quickly, you will need fewer supplements to achieve healing, your chiropractic adjustments or other body work will “hold” much longer and your brain and body just seem to work better!


The story of the development of this remarkable technique will soon be available on our website.

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