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Dr. Gaie Feuerstein is a doctor of chiropractic who specializes in difficult health cases.  She focuses on nutrition and refers patient for general chiropractic care to her husband Dr. Brian or their current chiropractor.

Dr. Gaie's new patent appointment:

Visit 1: $170

An 1.5 hour nutritional exam with a focus on the patients digestion and the main deficiency that shows up in testing. This appointment will start with a detailed history intake with Dr. Gaie and one of her trained staff members.  Dr. Gaie will give an out look on what your individualized treatment plan will look like at Olena Wellness Center. Joy or Mary will then proceed in our fundamental testing procedures which will include preliminary nutritional testing including, testing for zinc and calcium deficiencies, adrenal function, digestive testing, brain balance, and an ANA (Applied Nutritional Analysis) and any other test Dr. Gaie deems necessary that day.

Visit 2: $90

This entails an in depth 45min exam & treatment with Dr. Gaie Feuerstein. The follow-up visit is scheduled 2 weeks after the initial visit.  This allows the body to correct  general health deficiencies. Therefore, Dr. Gaie can treat deeper underlining health concerns.

Follow-up Visits:

Depending on the pace  you want to aggressively tackle your health concerns, we vary frequency of follow-ups according to the patients out look and available budget. A detailed treatment plan will be presented on Visit 2. Typically the patient will follow-up in two weeks and then on a monthly basis.  Our goal at Olena is to get the body to the point it only needs basic foundational nutritional support and re-evaluated twice a year.

Cost: Dr. Gaie charges $120 an hour and discounts according to time spent and treatments preformed. Discounts are at the doctors discretion.  Sessions are booked in 15min ($30), 30minute ($60), 45min ($90), 1 hour ($120), and 1hr 15min ($150) appt slots

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