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Dr. Brian is a chiropractor & acupuncturist.  He focuses on neurological and nutritional based chiropractic therapies.  He specializes in finding nutritional deficiencies and neurological imbalances that are inhibiting the body's ability to stay in alignment. He also offers natural pain management therapies.

Follow-up Visits:

Depending on the pace  you want to aggressively tackle your health concerns, we vary frequency of follow-ups according to the patients pain level, out look and available budget. Initially weekly follow-up appts are needed for patients with chronic pain. However, typically the average patient will follow-up in two weeks and then on a monthly basis.   Our goal at Olena is to get the body to the point it only needs basic foundational nutritional support and re-evaluated twice a year.

Cost: Dr.Brian charges $120 an hour and discounts according to time spent and treatments performed. Discounts are at the doctors discretion.  Sessions are booked in 30 minute ($60) & 1 hour ($120) appt slots.

Appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9-5

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