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Getting Started


*Cut down on coffee/caffeine

*Replace Bad Fats/Start looking for hidden Bad Fats

*Blender for smoothies

*Make a pot of soup this week and ease in to clean eating

*Think Positive! You are doing something great for yourself and those who love you!


Start Day _____________ – Start Your Supplement Schedule

Breakfast – You will have your protein powder for the breakfast options

Lunch – Your soup you made this week

Dinner – Served at Purification Meeting @ 630pm


Meetings & Meal Prep Menus:


Meal Prep Week 1 –

Spinach Vegetable Soup

Broccoli Stir Fry               

Bag of Assorted Veggies

Meal Prep Week 2

Curried Cauliflower Rice Kale Soup

Roasted Root Vegetables

Bag of Assorted Veggies

Meal Prep Week 3

Chicken & Quinoa Soup

Cabbage in a Bowl with grass-fed beef

Bag of Assorted Veggies


Supplement Schedule:

Purification is customized to the individual, however the typical Purification Supplements are:

SP Complete Protein Powder $68 

SP Cleanse $24

SP Green Food $38



What Will I Eat?

Day 1- 10: Veggies, Fruit & 1/2c lentils/quinoa

Day 11-21: Meat, Veggies, Fruit & 1/2c lentils/quinoa







Small Steps Brings Big Change


*Follow Supplement Schedule


*Get at least 2 servings of protein powder


*Focus on Vegetables

2:1 Veggies to Fruit

Nutrition pushes Toxins and Fat Out


*Water – Half your body weight in ounces


*Choose Organic


*Remove Bad Fats, Replace with Healthy Fats

Make your own salad dressing

Mayo – buy healthy or make your own


*No Sugar


*½ c of cooked lentils or quinoa a day


*Learn to use seasonings not packets! (see kaleidoscope of flavors)


*Add a probiotic food or digestive aid to each meal

Fermented veggies – sauerkraut, bubbies pickles, kimchi, beet kvass


*Introduce a New Vegetable to your life!




Make a big pot of quinoa/lentils – 1 3/4c dry lentils


No time to cook – soup is easy and lasts for days


No strenuous exercise but LOTS of Stretches/Movement


Chopped Veggies –

Steam, Sautee, Roast or make a soup

Mix of the seasonings – See Kaleidoscope of Flavors


Make a pot of bone broth

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