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Healthify Your Life Too

by reducing chemical exposures

Why is it important to reduce chemicals?

Here is a short video that might explain why.


Healthify all your life by limiting your chemical exposure in all aspects of your life.  Use the website link below to  The Environmental Working Group's mission is to empower people to live healthier lives through a healthier environment. Their website will help you navigate every detail of life. 

-water quality


-household cleaners

-personal care products



-endrocrine disruptors

-bug repellants

The list could go on!

Its an amzing resource!

Below are the links for their website and Consumer Guides as well as their YouTube channel with many more educational videos.

Brand We Recommend:


YoungLiving - chemical free cleaners, personal care products and makeup

Norwex - safer cleaning options, their cleaning tools is what recommended

BeautyCounter - clean personal care products and makeup

TruAura - makeup

Do your own research because companies change and get bought out. We update this list as often as we can.

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