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Total Brain Balance Protocol


Here at Olena we are excited to offer a technique we have found profoundly helpful for people who suffer with ADHD, Depression, Pain, etc.  The Total Brain Balance is a 4 week program that focuses on ……  It encompises many techniques including ….. with TDCS meaning the main component. But as with all treatments at Olena it is a full body approach.  Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle must be a part of the Plan.  The Total Brain Balance Program involves all those aspects bringing your body to restored health.






To understand TDCS, you must understand the human brain. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, comprised of an intricate network of BILLIONS of nerve cells, called neurons. These special cells control and react to everything that happens in and outside our bodies. The neurons in your brain communicate to each other using tiny electrical, and chemical impulses called synapses. Electrical synapses, unlike chemical synapses, conduct nerve impulses faster (approximately 10 times faster), causing vital information to pass from neuron to neuron more quickly. The evidence now shows that TDCS produces physical changes in the brain's structure as well as physiological changes in its response. TDCS increases cortical excitability, which can be measured in recordings of brain waves, and it also causes changes in the structure of the brain's connections that can be observed on an MRI. MRI brain scans revealed clear structural changes in the brain as soon as five days after TDCS. Neurons in the cerebral cortex connect with one another to form circuits via massive bundles of nerve fibers (axons) buried deep below the brain's surface in "white matter tracts." The fiber bundles were found to be more robust and more highly organized after TDCS. No changes were seen on the opposite side of the brain that was not stimulated by the scalp electrodes.

TDCS was originally developed to help patients with brain injuries such as strokes, however tests on adults demonstrated that TDCS can increase cognitive performance on a variety of tasks, depending on the area of the brain being stimulated. Scientific studies have shown that TDCS has the ability to enhance language and mathematical ability, attention span, problem solving, memory, and coordination. In addition, TDCS has also been documented as having impressive potential to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, as well as chronic pain

By using TDCS to energize neural circuits in the brain, researchers are hopeful that they have found a harmless and drug-free way to double the speed of learning.




VERY good article with lots of info on physical changes to the brain with tDCS 

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