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Olena Monthly Special

Diaplex       150capsules     $40.50

Gymnema  120tablets        $58.50

                       40tablets          $21.50

Inositol       90tablets          $14.50

Take 10% off


Always FREE Sales Tax on supplements prescribed by the doctor 

Diaplex :

Primary formula for pre-diabetic and diabetic patient

Lowers blood sugar levels

Improves blood sugar handling

Food sourced chromium

HCL for digestion

Supports 3 primary organs associated with blood sugar :

pancreas, liver and adrenals


Known as The Destroyer of Sugar

Comes from a woody climbing shrub native

to tropical forests in India and Australia

Reduces Sweet Cravings

Turns down sweet taste bud receptors


Lipotrophin B complex factor 

Helps with sugar and fat metabolism

Helps body utilize stored glycogen for immediate energy

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