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Bad Fats vs Good Fats

BAD Fats and GOOD Fats


Poor quality fats, man-altered fats and hydrogenated fats are not designed by nature, they have been corrupted by high heat, adulterated with solvents, chemically altered and in some cases genetically modified. 


Fats, aka lipids and essential fatty acids, are essential to life and health.  60% of the dry weight of the brain is fat.  Hormones are derived from fat.  The immune system depends on fat to regulate inflammation.  Every cell in the body has a cell wall composed of a “lipid bi-layer” – protein and fat.  Fat stimulates purging of the gall bladder which cleanses the liver and keeps the digestive tract healthy.  Fat stabilizes blood sugar levels and satisfies the appetite.  Everybody needs fat!


‘Bad Fats’ (aka fake fat-like substances) to avoid include:


1) Anything hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated.  Read the label on any processed food; look under ‘Ingredients’ and if you see those words, do not eat that food. 


Examples are: Crisco, Margarine, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Cool Whip, Mocha Mix, Non-Dairy Creamer, flavored coffee creamers, some peanut butters, etc.


2) Canola Oil (including organic) It is derived from rapeseed, which before selective breeding and genetic modification was only used for oiling machines and feeding birds.  It is highly irritating to the digestive tract and is an inferior fat.


3) Commercial vegetable oils such as Wesson, Mazola, Crisco, soy oil, any highly refined, light colored, cheap cooking oil.  Avoid the foods cooked in these oils, such as French fries, breaded meats, chicken nuggets, restaurant foods sautéed in oil – including vegetables, and commercial baked goods such as donuts, muffins, cookies and cake. 


Sometimes you have to pick your battles and compromise a bit.  Bread has a little oil; muffins have a lot, bagels usually have none.  Sometimes hydrogenated oil is a trace ingredient at the end of the list.  When you’re eating out make the best choices you can.


Healthy Fats:


Butter -  Any butter is better than margarine.  Best that is easily available is Kerrygold (be careful, they have a kind mixed with Canola oil – do NOT get that one!), Organic Pastures, or Amish Butter.


Coconut Oil: Excellent for high temperature cooking.  There are kinds that are expeller processed; these are usually nearly tasteless and best used when you don’t want a coconut flavor.  Cold pressed have more coconut flavor. 

Avocado Oil - Excellent for all types of cooking.


Olive Oil: although it can be used for cooking, it breaks down with heat.  Is best used raw, especially the highest quality olive oils (Extra-Virgin).  Great for salads and to dress veggies and breads.


Sesame Oil: Holds up to high heat and is good for flavoring foods.


Grapeseed Oil: Has a high smoke point so is good for cooking and baking.  Has a mild flavor and can be used for salad dressings when olive oil is not the right flavor.


Other healthy oils are walnut, pecan, avocado, macadamia nut etc.  These are best purchased from a reputable health food store for high quality.


Perishable oils for supplementation:  These include flax, borage, brands like Barleans.  They must be refrigerated and used by the date.  Never use them for cooking!


Fish oils: There are only a few safe brands.  Standard Process, Nordic Naturals, Blue Ice/Green Pastures and Mercola’s.  Do not take fish oils from drug stores or supermarket vitamin sections!  They contain harmful solvents!


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