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Applied Nutritional Analysis (ANA)


ANA is an efficient, low cost method to determine what nutritional support you need the most, right now.   Laboratory testing of multiple body systems, such as saliva tests, hair analysis, body imaging and nutritional blood analysis would cost thousands of dollars and in some ways be less accurate and useful!  ANA is an updated method which combines techniques developed by holistic doctors for over 50 years and is constantly refined and updated with new nutritional discoveries and research. 


After discussing your health issues and reviewing your health history, Our Health Counselor will use physical exam and muscle testing of the body’s reflex and acupuncture points to determine where to start in rebuilding your health.  Your blood pressure will be taken while seated and standing to determine your adrenal status, and your other vital signs will be noted.  Many people use ANA as a springboard to powerful lifestyle changes to address problems such as obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, depression, digestive problems, hormonal problems and immune problems, including autoimmune conditions.


During ANA testing you will also be screened for common food sensitivities; wheat, dairy, corn, soy, sugar and peanuts, as well as other substances suggested by your history.  Our Health Counselor will explain any initial dietary changes or restrictions and recommend supplements if needed.  You will be scheduled for a follow-up visit with our Health Counselor or the doctor.  Sometimes blood tests will be recommended.  You will also have text or phone support from  our Health Counselors  and/or doctor for questions that may arise after your ANA and between scheduled appointments.   Expect to experience positive changes by your next visit!

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